About Sai

Meet Sai


My real name is Achoi and my friends call me Sai, why? In Cantonese it means small, funny enough my older cousin has the same (dodgy) name as me and as the younger one I became “Sai”.

My day job is a Casino manager in London UK, however since the pandemic 2020 I have been on furlough most the year and have had a lot of time to learn a new skill, what better to do than what I love and dream of all day and night?

That’s right, apart from solving my own issues with improving my EUC riding there’s nothing more rewarding than to create a solution-oriented product for EUC riders all over the globe to benefit from, as a small community in the UK riding EUC I have managed to meet great likeminded people with substantial riding experience, together and through trial and error (mainly error) to create product’s that would aid to improve; control, acceleration, deceleration, jump, safety and most of all an improved riding experience in general.


My principles


Genuinely useful – Throughout the process of each new product development, we continuously assess if the product fits our two fundamental criteria - “does this product solve a problem? How will it benefit our customers?”

Aethetics vs Usability – Function and style can coexist, taking vision satisfaction factors into account for each new product development

Listening  - We cherish our customers’ opinions. We always listen to our customers and strive to improve ourselves, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to Contact us and we thank you in advance for your precious feedback.